• FUSHI TOUR イメージ画像
  • FUSHI TOUR(フシツアー)は、森と人との新しい関わりを創造することを目的としています。まだプラスチックのなかった時代、多くの木製品が人々の生活にありました。多様な樹木の特性に合わせた使い方が経験則から導かれ、私たちの生活を支えていたのです。その供給源である森は大切にされ、樹木の知識も、人から人へと伝承されてきました。それが経済優先による分業化、世代間継承が途絶え、一部の人のみが出入りする森となっています。


  • FUSHI TOUR aims to create a new relationship between forests and people. In the days when there was still no plastic, many wooden products were a part of people's lives. The way to use wood products was based on the empirical rule of using trees according to their characteristics, and they supported our daily lives. The forests that were the source of these products were cherished, and knowledge of trees was passed down from person to person. However, the division of labor and intergenerational transmission of knowledge has been lost due to economic priorities, and the forests have become a place where only a few people come and go.

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